Pools selection guide by AdaScan.net

There are already 100+ pools registered for the Shelley Incentivize Testnet. Selection of pool for delegation is very important and not an easy task. Here we will try to help you not to get fooled and receive max return by delegating your ADA.

Check pool performance in Daedalus (if you have your coins in Yoroi just install Daedalus and create an empty wallet in it):

Big controlled stake and low performance indicate that pool missing its blocks. On the other hand small pools (with stake < 1M ADA) also might have low performance, but not because of bad quality of service but because of bad luck in the leaders lottery. Usually it takes from 1 to 3 full epochs for such pools to get into green area of top 100 pools, so if you like some small pool just pay attention to it for a couple days.

Check pool saturation level:

If pool stake is greater than 1% of total network stake its rewards will be penalised. For your convenience we have pool saturation stats on our main page.

Delegation to pools with unknown/anonymous owners is very risky:

Read pool's website carefully before delegating.

  • Who is behind it? Anonymous owners don't care about reputation. They have nothing to lose. So pool service may be poor because of low quality server/home server, etc.
  • Have the team made any products/contributions to the community before the announcement of the Incentivize Testnet? Most pools came here just for profit. Do they deserve your stake?
  • How pool's revenue will be used? Once again - most pools came here just for profit. You should prioritise your delegation to pools that actually doing something useful for Cardano ecosystem.

Delegation to multiple pools will maximize your revenue!

Jormungandr functionality allows to delegate to up to 8 pools at the same time from single account. By choosing most hardworking pools and delegating to them you will boost their development funds and help Cardano ecosystem to grow. As a result ADA price will rise as well, increasing capitalization of your stake.

This feature won't be available in the initial releases of Daedalus/Yoroi. You should use jci for it or wait support in GUI wallets. Check this script for more info.

Our top picks are:

Additionally, if you, for example, delegate to our pool, StakeCardano.io and AdaLite.io, you'll be three times safer from servers outages, pool's node failures, etc. If one pool goes down you will lose only 33% of your potential rewards instead of 100%!