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Pool ID 03b9ebbc1b605a9e67e82fc5a6f867a62b6bc5e5e16bb10a0a0aaddc2eed7da7
Daedalus/Yoroi Ticker SCAN
Fee 6.25%
Wallets Daedalus, Yoroi
Instructions Delegation from Daedalus. Yoroi - search for SCAN ticker at the Delegation tab.

Pool stats

49,509,889 Live stake (ADA)
1,160 Total blocks generated
15,580 Last epoch rewards (ADA)
Last block generated

Network stats

10,610,206,499 Epoch 42 stake (ADA)
42 Epoch
Time Since Last Block

Last epoch pool efficiency

Generated / Expected blocks
Efficiency 82.35%

Current saturation

Pool epoch stake / Total epoch stake * 100
Saturation over 1% will result reduction of rewards

Expected saturation in 48hr

Pool live stake / Network live stake * 100
Saturation over 1% will result reduction of rewards

Delegation status of addr1s45y3zdze93a5ja...vrvc00wea9juljdqxsf8

Balance 1,000,000 ADA
Pool 03b9ebbc1b605a9e67e8...b10a0a0aaddc2eed7da7

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